Data Processing & Management

As a leading BPO Service provider in India, WBC is focusing on creating partnerships that go beyond conventional business.


Data Processing & Management Services

To stay persistent in this uncertain era, you have to ensure the use of data in the most efficient manner. Data processing service is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the BPO industry in India.

WBC offers excellent Data Processing service equips with the ability to manage the data and organize the data without any hassle.

Team WBC is competent enough to support infinite activities like data entry services, data capture, data conversion, data validation.

The data management services offer by WBC can transform any unstructured data into the most usable information and structured information.


Data Entry Services

WBC provides a wide range of data entry services to multiple client bases for extracting the data from a plenitude of sources to enter the data manually into client-server.

Experts at WBC follow the double keying concept to deliver accurate and consistent data to the global clientele.

WBC retains the wealth of experience to deliver a complete suite of data entry services to various industry verticals and niches. We serve clients across from the globe and helping them to create well-managed financial, business, and customer needs.

The data input experts at WBC have processed data from millions of forms.

Data Conversion Services

WBC is the perfect data conversion partner for any organization. Our services include data conversion for Word, PDF, XML, HTML and Excel. In addition, we provide file, document and book conversion and Word formatting as required by our clients. Clients also use our services for electronic document management which includes digitalizing, indexing and archiving documents that can be accessed and retrieved as and when required.We are well-equipped to handle small amounts of data as well as large scale data entry. We offer a premier quality standard to every company we work with.


Data Processing Services

Data Conversion Service is one of the most important sections for facilitating easy access to information Across the Enterprise. The Data Conversion services offered by WBC help our clients to convert the large volumes of data into an easily accessible format.

Data conversion service for long has been the backbone of an organization looking for efficient operations alongside making informed decisions.

We are proficient enough to tackle any sort of data conversion issues. Our professionals are adapted to convert any format of the database.

WBC has granted virtual assistance to get your data into digital data from obsolescence.

Data Mining Service

Since 2010, WBC is rendering cost-efficient and detailed data mining and analysis services to infinite organizations across the world. We are a customer-focused company.

We provide a broad range of data mining services to perform traditional data mining and web mining services for clients across the world.

WBC is a full-service data-mining company to support your organization for well-informed decisions and choosing the best data-mining company.

Our team is capable of handling the data sets of any volume or of any size. Using cutting-edge solutions with well-defined processes, we can access data that is not reachable through leading search engines.


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